~* Beautiful representation of the Irminsul, the sacred tree of the Saxons,surrounded by a circle symbolizing the cosmos
Irminsul oak was dedicated to a deity named Saxon Irmin war, he represented the Saxons to the World Tree which supported the vault of heaven, and wasthe link between heaven and earth
The World Tree, or “pillar of the world” is an element of Germanic cosmogonywhich symbolizes the union of Man and the Cosmos and is the link between earth and heaven. It was at this tree that Odin (Germanic Woden) hung nine days and nights, yet according to Norse mythology and the Edda, fulfilling a sacrifice. There he learned the secret of the runes and was resurrected
The popularity of this myth from ancient Saxons is also attested in the Anglo-Saxons in the early Middle Ages, notably through many performances that blend Christianity and Germanic myths and associating Odin / Woden(also known as Wotan) in Christ Cross (including the Ruthwell Cross)
At once a symbol of resistance Saxon paganism and venue of the Gentiles who brought him an offering after each victory, Irminsul was supposed cut or killed in 772 by order of Charlemagne.
Irminsul was located near the castle of Eresburg at Paderborn in Germany today. *~
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