Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin.

Viking amulet, IX - X centuries.

 Skøl and Hati
Here the two pups are hunting a duck with their mother. This artifact is of Celtic origin and from the Migration Period in Europe which preseeds Viking times… however it could be an early depiction of Fenris (the mother) and her two pups Skøl and Hati who chase the Sun and the Moon represented by the duck. This flagon was found in France and now resides in the National Museum of London

Amulet of the Norse goddess Freyja worn by a Swedish practioner of Forn Sed and member of Forn Sed Sweden. This amulet is a copy of a find of a Viking period silver amulet from Aska in Hagebyhöga parish, Aska hundred, Vadstena municipality, Östergötland, Sweden.
Amulett föreställande den nordiska gudinnana Freja (Fröja, Freyja) buren av en svensk utövare av Forn sed och medlem av Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige. Denna amulett är en kopia av ett fynd av en vikingatida silverhänge från fornlämningen RAÄ-nr Hagebyhöga 36:1 vid gården Aska i Hagebyhöga socken, Aska härad, Vadstena kommun, Östergötland, Sverige. Länk till silverhänget på Historiska museet: SHM 16429 Länk till fyndplatsen i FMIS: Hagebyhöga 36:1

My church is nature

"But from the hill of Lidskialf Odin rose,The throne, from which his eye surveys the world;And mounted Sleipnir, and in darkness rodeTo Asgard. And the stars came out in heaven,High over Asgard, to light home the king.But fiercely Odin galloped, moved in heart:And swift to Asgard, to the gate he came, And terribly the hoofs of Sleipnir rangAlong the flinty floor of Asgard streets,And the gods trembled on their golden bedsHearing the wrathful father coming home.”
From “The Classic Myths” by Charles Mills Gayley.

Viking Age key found in Ellesø Skovsø.

Bronze S-shaped brooch 
4cm by 2.6cm by 1.4cm ( 1 9/16 by 1 by 9/16 inch.) 
Roman, Imperial period, 2nd - 3rd century AD. 
Source: Metropolitan Museum